Friday, July 30, 2004


Was it really a year ago today, that first kiss with Katy? Meeting after work in a dusty bar, chattering on about this-that-and-the-other, later stumbling out of a restaurant door into the late July humidity - and her lips open in that huge smile, and her head so giggly and a touch wobbly - and the heat of it all - and those long, looping ringlets of her hair, my hand lost amongst them, as I kiss and kiss her - right there on that random street?

Or was it a year ago today that she sent me that email, explaining she'd just come out of a relationship ... bad timing ... the word 'friends' cropping up about twice a sentence?

Perhaps it was even six months ago today that we met up, as we had been doing for half a year, buddies sharing pizza and gossip, when right in the middle of nothing in particular, she leant over the table, took my face in her hands, pushed back my hair, and shut her eyes and kissed me, all out of the blue?

It was definitely today, just now, that she sent me an email inviting me to a gathering for a few of her friends, over at her place, tomorrow night. Aim for 8, ish. Earlier, if you like, Adam. And bring a bottle. Or two.

Today, a year forward from today? Who knows. Full of emails and fleeting memories? All this with Katy as distant as a dream, left for dead in the morning duvet, as the door slams behind me and off I go to work? Or something else entirely different?